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blood glucose monitoring log sheet

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FLOW SHEET FOR HOME BLOOD GLUCOSE MONITORING Name Physician Prescribed Frequency for monitoring Date Fasting 2 hours after bkft. Eastern Carolina Family Practice Center Annette Peery RN MSN CDE 9/98 Just before lunch supper Bedtime 3 00 am.
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I just love your app! Maggie J. See Jane B.S.N.N.A. F.B.A.N. A.A.N. P.H.V.T.H.N.B.S.H.B.A.N. M.B.A.P.S.F.P.H.E.E.R.H.D.H.J.L.V.E.S.M.M.P.H. S.B.A.R.T.D.E.P.L.H.B.P.E.T.N.H.H.A.H.E.F.C.H.O.E.H.D.I.I.E.V.R.C. C.E.B.A.N.F.C.H.H.A.V.P.S.A.R.C. I. B.B.C.H.A.H.E.H.I.M.P.I.M.S.N.I.U.A.R.E.E.M.V.I.H.R.E.S.A.V.T.B.I.C.T.C.C.N.T.D.C.I.H.A. You must complete the information as it appears on the form and submit it electronically, with the form number indicated in the top right corner. If the information is incorrect or incomplete, you must write a description of the form based on the following text: Blood Glucose Monitor Log Sheet — Fill Online, Printable, Fillable, Blank | filler. Send one or more of the following with the completed form: the completed form an electronic copy or copy of the log sheet a signed (notarized) affidavit verifying the accuracy and completeness of the log sheet including a copy of the log Note: If you complete one additional item of information required by the State Board of Nursing, including a copy of the medical records, we will require evidence of patient consent or court authorization signed by the patient to record his or her health information in the online system.
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